Ignored Voices - 10-Minute Documentary on Mining in Mindoro

IGNORED VOICES is a shortened version of the award-winning documentary “Wailing of Paradise,” CEDC’s entry to Moonrise Film Festival in 2005.

This 10-minute edited version presents the position of the people of Mindoro – the Provincial Governor and other LGU officials, Bishop Cajandig, civil society and leaders of the Mangyan indigenous peoples affected by the mining project of Crew.

Since the company is now continuing their exploration activities, a prelude to actual operation, and the national government of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is pushing hard to allow transnational mining companies to mine our fragile forest ecology, we must remain vigilant and be steadfast in our campaign!

Ipagtanggol ang buhay, kabuhayan at kinabukasan ng ating bayan at lalawigan!


Reader Comments

this is a very beautiful and informative post! keep posting dokyus like this. regards to Sharon of CEDC...your blogsite is now included in my fave blogs!

Donato Calbayog is Iraya, not Alangan. Thanks you for this very informative blogsite.

The LGU's must be able to be enacted to define in such protected areas(reservation) in both Mindoro provinces: a geographic areas defined under special legislation providing long-term protection covering all its wildlife or marine life species,
environmental systems and various kinds of living creatures by way of satisfying the purpose of reservation.