Bishop of Oriental Mindoro - Statement on INTEX Mining


The issue of mining is a very significant concern confronting our province, and the Church as well, for it is very much connected with life and well being of our people. Hence, I would like to reiterate my position on this issue to give clarification on my stand and to challenge the faithful and the Christian communities facing this problem.

It is my conviction that any project, if it is really intended for development, should genuinely respond to the needs of the people in order for them to have the fullness of life. This is the measure whether any project or activity can be considered truly responsible.

In my opinion, mining in the context of our province is irresponsible activity for it is conducted not to genuinely respond to the real and priority needs of the people. At first glance, there are visible benefits if the company builds clinics, provides job, constructs water tanks, or provides program for micro-lending. However, these activities can also be considered irresponsible because these activities make people become so constrained to make the right decisions according to their free will whether to allow mining operation or not.

Considering the profile of our province, the situation of our people and the pre-mining activities, the mining operation of Intex Resources can be considered irresponsible too more so if it will be conducted in a critical watershed. As I gathered from reliable sources, according to former DENR Secretary Heherson Alvarez, no amount of mitigating measures can be done to prevent the real destruction of this watershed, if mining will push through.

Considering the situation of our country, it is impossible to have the so-called responsible mining because of the prevailing culture of corruption in the government - many are abusive of their powers, and many can also be bribed. Even the on-going mining in Palawan, that is being taunted as beneficial to the people, does not really pursue the well being of the people, as reported to me by my friends – priests coming from the area.

Again, I want to emphasize my position, together with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and the people of Mindoro, that I am opposing mining in the province.

May God, the Creator, continually bless us in our campaign to protect our ecology!

Apostolic Vicar of Calapan
19 January 2009


Reader Comments

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment.

Industrial Society is destroying necessary things [Animals, Trees, Air, Water and Land] for making unnecessary things [consumer goods].

"Growth Rate" - "Economy Rate" - "GDP"

These are figures of "Ecocide".
These are figures of "crimes against Nature".
These are figures of "destruction of Ecosystems".
These are figures of "Insanity, Abnormality and Criminality".

The link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues.

The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential rise in psychological problems besides destroying the environment. All issues are interlinked. Our Minds cannot be peaceful when attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. Our Minds cannot be peaceful if we destroy Nature [Animals, Trees, Air, Water and Land].

Destroy the system that has killed all ecosystems.

Destroy the society that plunders, exploits and kills earth 365 days of the year and then celebrates Earth Day.

Chief Seattle of the Indian Tribe had warned the destroyers of ecosystems way back in 1854 :

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you realize that you cannot eat money.

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