This is Fr. Edu Gariguez signing off indefinitely from keeping this blog going.

We are now on the 7th day of our Hunger Strike, and the grueling experience of not taking solid food is taking its toll on me personally, and I am starting to feel weakening of my body functions. Hence, I will not be able to update this site.

Many hunger strikers have crossed the threshold of pain that they can endure, and many have given up.

But there are four of us who are determined to continue until the illegal ECC is cancelled. And we will settle for no less!

Please keep praying for us.


Reader Comments

Thank you Edu. This will allow you to internalize and pray. I am always with you in the spirit and prayer.

kasama niyo rin po kami sa pagdadasal. at patuloy pa rin po kaming susuporta lalo para sa mga taga Mindoro at sa mga kapatid na Mangyan na itinuring na rin kaming kapamilya.

kasami niyo rin kaming taga Ifugao.